Newsletter March 2017

Dear Parents and King Edward VII School Community
The first term has, once again, flown by at break neck speed. We have witnessed many outstanding achievements by our boys (and staff) in the classroom, on the sports fields and in the various cultural platforms and stages. The School has a great deal of which to be proud of. We cannot allow the success of the majority to be tainted by the actions of a small minority.

The well publicised bullying incident has been comprehensively dealt with and communication has been ongoing. We, as a School, will continue to educate our boys on appropriate behaviour and we will continue to strive for a bully free School where each and every individual is respected and valued.

The year started with an outstanding set of Matric results achieved by the Class of 2016. They, as other groups before them, have set a lofty benchmark for the classes that follow them. I have urged the Matric class of 2017 to once again raise the bar and set a new benchmark for future generations to aspire to. It was thus very pleasing to award Full Colours for Academics to the following Grade 12 Learners at an Assembly earlier in the term.


T Jardim Gr 12A
C Buziek Gr 12A
GJ Fisher Gr 12A
WD Agar Gr 12B
TMN Dos Santos Gr 12A
K Carr Gr 12A
MD Sebesta Gr 12A
L Bramhall Gr 12A
TA Clarkson Gr 12B
S Freeman Gr 12A
TWL Gordon Gr 12A

NEW AWARDS: JML Marsden Gr 12A
B Lai Gr 12A
JW Parsons Gr 12A
K Glade Gr 12A
R Mildenhall Gr 12A

This means that a total of 17 Grade 12s have Colours for Academics.

It is imperative that for each boy to realise his full potential he attends School each and every day and when he does so, he is fully prepared for the tasks of the day with the correct books, stationery and a full stomach! Please can I once again, urge parents to adhere to the School calendar when doing your own personal planning. Holidays are a good time for dentists, specialists, drivers and learners licenses, ID books and passport applications, proper School boy haircuts, dry cleaning of blazers, etc. etc. And please book your holidays during the calendarised holidays!
Please note: We write examinations until the VERY LAST DAY of Term 2.

Please check the School web page and D6 Communicator for the comprehensive calendar for Term Two.

I recently attended a very informative Conference hosted by St Andrew’s College in Grahamstown. The conference was held under the auspices of The International Boy’s School Coalition. One of the guest speakers was Gary Kirsten – the ex-India and Proteas cricket coach. With the Winter Season now upon us I wish to share a few of his messages from his talk, which related to Parenting and Sports coaching and participation at Schools.
“It seems that we’ve forgotten that School is a place where you learn. It’s a place of preparation not performance. Once you have learnt skills and gained confidence based on real competence, you are better prepared for the stress of performance and competition”.
Let’s take this into account when our own youngsters play. They are still developing their skills and confidence. Let us not interfere in that process or place additional burden on them with unfair expectations. They always attempt their best and we must support them unreservedly.

Gary highlighted the responsibilities of the School boy coach:
  • For every player to have had an enjoyable experience and want to keep playing the game.
  • For every player to have improved and grown in his skill level.
  • For the team to have played the entire season to a specific set of values.
  • For the team to have reached the level of performance it is capable of.
Responsibility of parents
  • Make enjoyment of sport a priority in your home.
  • Check in with your motives for your child’s success.
  • Understand what your behaviour on the side of the field reflects.
  • Teach him the value of working hard for something.
  • Be careful of your feedback when driving home.
  • Build his self-esteem not only through performance.
  • Show him the gift of failure – it is okay to take risks.
  • Learn all you can about the sport he plays.
  • Understand the predicament of the coach.
  • Be patient with your child’s progress.
  • Be a pillar of support.
  • Take as much pressure off the performance as you can.
I believe that if we the School and you the parents adhere to this advice then our young men will enjoy their sport a whole lot more. Most importantly they will grow in confidence and have a whole lot of fun.

As stated earlier the School has been extremely busy, as recorded on our various communication platforms. There have been a number of personal highlights which include the performance of our Water Polo Team at KES Festival. The Second Cricket Team winning the Johnny Waite 2nd Team Trophy, the increased participation in First Team Athletics and the string of outstanding individual performances. The Assembly performance of our Choir, the Finals evening of the House Plays, KESCO’s various initiatives, the Daredevil Run and the outstanding performance of our Rowing Club at the South African Schools Championships.

The following boys’ were awarded Team Blazers and Colours at a recent Summer Sports Awards Assembly:

Colours: NONE
Team Blazer: Y Hlalu
G Z Msipha
K A Thambisa
Y J Tiawoun
D J Whitcombe
Colours: G Z Msipha
Team Blazer: W Hurter
B Lai
P Palma
N Pheko
G Zwane
Colours: NONE
Team Blazer: C J W de Boer
W F Wannenburg
L Woolway
Colours: R A Clark
C J W de Boer
Team Blazer: R L Botha
C J Broodryk
D Fiebiger
B L Graber
M K Hollard
Colours: NONE
Team Blazer: NONE
Colours: NONE
Team Blazer: JT Botha
MR Higino
C Hein
D W Allen
Colours: NONE
Team Blazer: C J Bryce
V Jackson
N Mphahlani
K G Reynolds
Colours: C J Baxter
JT Botha
D R Bonhage-Koen
D A M Geldhof
N W Nepgen
C M Menton
K G Reynolds
B L Bester
C J Bryce
L P Smit
N Mphahlani
T McJarrow
Team Blazer: NONE
Colours: T W L Gordon
M M Raven
Team Blazer: D G Chamamtzis
E J J Coryndon-Baker
J R Cronje
J Delport
M S B De Nobrega
T J Martin
C M Tsang
Colours: J A Dean
E J J Coryndon-Baker
Team Blazer: J M Eriksen-Miller
M G Thompson
C M Robertson
T A Serek
KD O’ Donoghue
Colours: NONE
Team Blazer: B D Bouwer
A T James
Colours: B D Bouwer
K N Dlamini
Team Blazer: T J Boonzaier
D Dello Russo
Colours: None
Team Blazer: E J J Coryndon-Baker
J Delport
T W L Gordon
D N Groenewald
J T Leca
T J Martin
M J Orr
J N Robinson
L C Savenije
C M Tsang
Colours: E J J Coryndon-Baker
J N Robinson
L C Savenije
J T Leca
Team Blazer: T W Bouwer
M Naidoo
K D O’Donoghue

As we end the term I invite our entire community to join us over the Easter weekend at the Rugby / Hockey Festival. Let’s paint the town RED!

Important dates for Term 2

Exam Dates Grade 10 to Grade 12 9 June 2017 to 30 June 2017
Grade 8 and Grade 9 19 June 2017 to 30 June 2017

Parents Evenings Grade 12 20 April 2017
Grade 8 24 April 2017
Grade 9 25 April 2017
Grade 10 2 May 2017
Grade 11 4 May 2017

Enjoy the holidays! Please attend to your son’s uniform – check its general condition, have his blazer cleaned and please return him to School with a School regulation haircut.

Yours sincerely

D C P Lovatt

Headmaster Newsletter

Mr David Lovatt
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